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Upcoming iPhone to use new superslim Omnivision 8MP camera?

Good news for iPhone users, it would appear that Apple could be using the new 8 megapixel camera which is 20 percent slimmer than any other 8 megapixel in commercial use today.

Omnivision have built a new camera which is only 4.7mm in height, which is reduced from 6.5mm within the current 4.5 megapixel camera used in the iPhone 4.

While it would make a great addition to the next iPhone, several sources say that the new camera sensor might not be ready in time for the iPhone 5 release.

The company issued a release which said “With our new OmniBSI-2 architecture, we have further miniaturized our pixels while delivering a 20 percent improvement in peak quantum efficiency in all color channels, a 35 percent improvement in low-light sensitivity and a 45 percent increase in full-well capacity in an extremely compact and power efficient package,” said Per Rosdahl, senior product manager at OmniVision. “This 1.1-micron OmniBSI-2 pixel enables the next generation of miniaturization in mobile cameras, and is key to the high-resolution smartphone camera roadmap.”

Kitguru says: The technology keeps improving, but hopefully the new camera doesn’t suffer too badly from increased noise.

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