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Nokia admits there is no Plan B if Windows Phone 7 flops

Windows Phone 7, the fairly capable mobile operating system is currently Microsoft's only existing product in the mobile space. The same statement now appears as if it applies to Nokia as well. Recently Nokia Europe's Senior Vice President, Victor Saeijs told a Swedish newspaper that there is no fall back plan should Windows Phone 7 fail to take off. Saeijs' exact quote is this “Plan B is for Plan A is to succeed.”

2012 will no doubt be the deciding year for Windows Phone 7 with Tango releasing in the first half of this year aimed at lower-end devices while Windows Phone 8 should launch later this year. I believe these two releases will determine whether or not Windows Phone 7 will break above a 5% share of the mobile operating system pie.

Nokia's successful Lumia 800 smartphone.

Saeijs also went onto say that while the Lumia 800 has been sucessful in Denmark and Sweden they “must succeed in the U.S. if [they] are to succeed in the world.”

There is only two things Nokia can do now, keep on delivering brilliantly crafted devices and market their phones to the masses. The rest is all up to Microsoft and what direction they head in with upcoming releases of Windows Phone 7.

Kitguru says: I hope for the Nokia's sake that Windows Phone 7 succeeds however possible. This all plays into my thoughts that we need a third dominant player to have some real competition between Android and iOS.

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