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IT guy shoots daughter’s laptop over Facebook rant

Have you a family member who spends too much time on social networks? Perhaps a sibling who gets aggressive from time to time when you interrupt their online conversations? An American father responded rather dramatically after his daughter posted something rude on Facebook. He shot her laptop and posted a video of it on Youtube.

The Register found this story and we thought it was worth sharing with our readers. The father fired “exploding hollow point rounds” into his daughters computer.

So what happened? Well it appears that the daughter blocked her Facebook posting so her parents couldn’t view it, even though she was addressing it to them. Her father however works in tech and was able to bypass the privacy defences, viewing the posting.

The teenage girl didn’t want to do her chores, such as cleaning the house, and felt that her parents should pay her for doing them, rather than nagging her to get a job. She said that they already had a cleaning lady and that her parents should ‘get off their fat asses’ and handle it all themselves.

The father found out, read the post and decided to take action. He shot her laptop, destroying it and said she could have another laptop when she bought one herself. He is going to bill her for the software added to the machine and for the cost of the bullets he used to destroy it.

Kitguru says: I bet she won’t complain again or bitch about her parents online.

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