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Samsung Galaxy Nexus takes a decent price drop in the UK

Saving your pennies for a shmick new Galaxy Nexus? Today might be your lucky day with Expansys significantly decreasing the price of this high end handset to just £399, down from the usual price of £549.

You must be super quick however, as this offer is limited to today only and with limited availability (said to be only 200 units). If all 200 are sold by the time you read this, Expansys have said the price will go back to the pre-promotion price of £449.99. So once again, jump all over it now if you’ve got a soft spot for this lovely handset and can scrounge up the dosh.

KitGuru says: And sure enough, all 200 were snapped up like hot cakes. But as mentioned before, the pre-promotional price tag of £449.99 is still a good deal if you were waiting for a good time to pounce on the Nexus..

Also, in response Amazon is now offering it for the same price.

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