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Logitech introduces new name ‘Logi’, because ‘tech’ is everywhere

Logitech on Wednesday announced that many of its new products will carry “Logi” brand from now on to reflect that they are more than technology and are a part of modern lifestyle. Initially, the “Logi” brand will be used on select product categories, but eventually it may replace “Logitech” name on its classic products too. Moreover, the company will change its corporate logo too.

Logitech was established in 1981 with the aim to produce high-quality ergonomic computer mice. Over the years, Logitech has expanded its product portfolio rather dramatically and today it produces tens of different product categories, many of which are new. In fact, growing categories of products (e.g., wireless speakers for smartphones) now account for over 30 per cent of the company’s strategic retail sales.


In a bid to emphasize that it is now more than a yet another technology company, Logitech will use “Logi” brand on numerous categories of products. According to Logitech, technology is pervasive today, like clothes. Therefore, using the word tech is not something necessary.

“Tech is everywhere,” said Charlotte Johs, vice president of brand development at Logitech, reports Gizmodo. “Tech is in the air you breathe… it is in your clothes… in the future, ‘tech’ does not say anything.”


In addition to changing its name, Logitech will also change its brand identity. Recently the company hired its first-ever chief design officer, Alastair Curtis. From now on, the company’s products will feature bold colors and simple designs.

“We’ve been reinventing Logitech, creating products that strive to blend advanced technology and design to bring you amazing experiences,” said Bracken Darrell, Logitech president and CEO. “We’ve built a world-class design team, led by chief designer Alastair Curtis. We’re putting Design at the center of everything we do. Our approach to Design goes beyond the classic definition. Design to us is the combination of advanced technology, business strategy and consumer insights. Our products have come a long way, and now it’s time to bring the brand forward too.”


As part of the brand reinventionm customers will begin to see the name Logi on select products in existing categories, and expect some twists and a few surprises in new categories, the company advised.

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KitGuru Says: As usual, it is a little bit sad to see a renowned brand leaving the scene. Logitech has been around for over 30 years and many people trust it. Will people trust “Logi”? Probably yes, but certainly not everyone will like “bold colours and simple designs.”

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