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Resident Evil 3 remake officially announced, releasing in April 2020

The Resident Evil 2 remake has ended up being one of the highest rated and most praised games of the year. Now in 2020, Capcom hopes to re-capture that same level of excitement, with Resident Evil 3 Remake releasing in April. The remake also packs in Project Resistance, the multiplayer co-op spin-off that was announced earlier this year. 

We’ve known about Resident Evil 3 Remake for a while now, with notable leakers and PSN back-end updates giving away the surprise. This afternoon during Sony’s State of Play livestream, Resident Evil 3 was officially announced with an April 3rd release date, meaning we’re in for a very quick turnaround.

While Resident Evil 3 Remake wasn’t a total surprise, the fact that Project Resistance is going to be included as a multiplayer mode is. Initially, Project Resistance was expected to be a standalone multiplayer spin-off and while that may still happen, for now, it will be part of the RE3 package.

The original version of Resident Evil 3 came out 20 years ago and if the remake holds up as well as Resident Evil 2 did, then the game should still stand out as one of the best horror titles in 2020 as well.

KitGuru Says: Resident Evil 3 Remake is on the way, complete with what looks to be a very interesting and fun multiplayer mode. Are many of you looking forward to this one? 

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