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Syber Consoles offer easy to build option for Steam or Windows

With Steam consoles nearing their launch date and VR almost ready to explode on to the scene, system maker Cyberpower is convinced that living room gaming will be a hot topic for 2016. David Scott explains his company’s choice to opt for a self-assembly system using desktop parts – and then shows us how to build one.

The whole console vs PC gaming debate has been responsible for, shall we say, some tense discussions online, and lately, a lot of that focus has been on which is better for living room gaming. If you choose a PC-style unit, should you go with Windows or wait for Steam? Of course you could always build it yourself with desktop parts…

Cyberpower Guru David Scott believes it’s the latter and was kind enough to drive five hours to the KitGuru studio in order to take us through his company’s thinking.

Originally founded in the USA, Cyberpower today continues to own a sizeable chunk of the local market. Here in the UK, the company has manufacturing and warehousing in Gateshead and sells both direct to the public and through a series of retail partners.

One of the units that David brought with him was a barebones living room gaming console, that will be marketed under the brand Syber.  This unit will start around £249 and includes the chassis, PSU, mainboard and primary cooling. In the first part of the video, David takes us through a build that uses a Titan X graphics card and a ‘speed build’ of the system itself, to show you how it’s put together.

Watch via our VIMEO Channel (below) or over on YouTube HERE.

As well as from Cyberpower direct, you can buy and pre-order the Syber systems from the likes of Amazon, Maplin and eBuyer.

KitGuru says: The next couple of years could be very interesting for PCs and gaming as a whole. As the line begins to blur between consoles and PCs, could we see traditional consoles fall by the wayside? If you build a full gaming rig using Steam, then you don’t have to pay for a Windows license and that money can then be invested in a better graphics card – potentially making your game play much faster/smoother.

But is that worth it? What do you think of these new Steam-PC-alikes?

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