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Batman Arkham Knight has re-launched on PC, players still reporting issues

Batman Arkham Knight officially re-launched on the PC yesterday after four months of patching and extra development time over at Warner Bros. However, it would seem that some players are still running in to problems with the game, with complaints landing on Steam and Reddit. It would seem that some are still having frame rate stability, stuttering and crashing issues.

Warner Bros is aware that some problems remain with the PC version of the game. Those on Windows 7 may experience a hard drive paging issue after extended gameplay sessions, while it is recommended that those on Windows 10 have at least 12GB of RAM in order to operate without hard drive paging issues, which causes frame rate stutter.


While it was initially believed that the final patch would include a final round of fixes, including SLI and CrossFire support, it has now been revealed that this is still being worked on, though we don’t have a time frame just yet. Warner Bros is also working with AMD and Nvidia to address stability issues with the game with the latest batch of drivers.

From my own personal experience with the re-launched version of the game, things seem much improved. However, I am running a very high end rig with a 5820K, 16GB RAM and a GTX 980Ti. I’m not sure what the experience is like for those with other hardware configurations

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KitGuru Says: It would seem that Arkham Knight still has some problems, though these issues vary from person to person. Have any of you tried the game since it re-released yesterday? How is it running for you? 

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