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Watch a guy open up a Steam Box here

We've been getting teased by single images and snippets of information about Valve's Steam Box hardware for a while now, so it's nice to finally see that someone's managed to get one opened up and take a look inside to see what we're really working with and how the hardware …

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Another Steam Box is teased for CES

CES is going to see a lot of PC unveiling this year, but not new desktop or notebook systems but Steam boxes, high powered PCs masquerading as consoles so you'll put it in your living room instead of your sweet game room. This one however will be just for the …

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What do you think of iBuyPower’s SteamBox prototype?

The world and his dog may be clamouring about the newly released Xbox One and soon-to-be released (at least here anyway) PS4, but the real console that we're waiting for with baited breath, is the SteamBox, otherwise known, as the potential game-breaker. And now we're got another look at it, …

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The Steam universe is expanding in 2014

Last week Gabe Newell hinted at a steam box announcement sometime soon. Now there is a website with space for three clocks, the first countdown has already begun, and it ends in 32 hours at time of writing. The signs pointing towards a console announcement are strong, the url ends …

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Xi3 admits Piston isn’t official Steam Box


Valve came out earlier this week and claimed there was no official relationship between it and mini-Piston PC creator, Xi3 and that ultimately the miniature machine wasn't a Steam box. While initially taken aback by this announcement, Xi3 seems to have collected itself now and it has agreed, the Piston …

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Are Infinity Ward set to sell consoles now?

The whole “getting into hardware,” gimmick seems to have become just that for many companies. I appreciate that the likes of Ouya and Nvidia are shaking up the traditional big three dynamic of consoles, but do we really need another? According to a cryptic image posted by Infinity Ward, it …

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Gabe Newell clears up Steam Box confusion

Gabe Newell

Ok so yesterday I might have jumped the gun a bit saying we were looking at “Valve's console.” It isn't. Still, it will be part of a new lineup of Steam compatible hardware that are designed as small form factor PCs for gaming in your lounge. Yes I also said …

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Linux Steam Box coming this year

Steam box

We might already have heard from Nvidia about its new Shield console and we certainly know that the Ouya is up and running, but Valve has been relatively quiet about its own console offerings. Now though, according to an engineer at the company, we know it'll run Linux and that it'll …

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Valve’s ‘Steam Box’ could be on the horizon after all

Back in early March rumours arose that Valve were working on a ‘Steam Box' gaming console to outclass the proprietary formats used currently by the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. These rumours were sadly shutdown a week later by Valve's Doug Lombardi, but the embers kept glowing regardless. Recently …

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