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Another Steam Box is teased for CES

CES is going to see a lot of PC unveiling this year, but not new desktop or notebook systems but Steam boxes, high powered PCs masquerading as consoles so you’ll put it in your living room instead of your sweet game room. This one however will be just for the deep pocketed among you, as it’s going to run you almost $1,500 in the US and no doubt much more here.

This is a third party one, so it’s nothing official from Valve, but comes straight from custom gaming PC builder, Digital Storm and it packs some impressive specs. While we don’t know the important stuff like GPU, CPU and memory, we do know it requires a 700w PSU and a liquid cooling loop, so chances are it’ll be very quiet. It will also come with Windows or SteamOS options too.

Source: Kotaku

Digital Storm has somewhat of a history of making compact, but powerful and quiet gaming systems, so it’s a perfect fit company for the Steam Boxes that are set to land next year. That’s the case with this one too, which will be officially unveiled along with all of its internals at CES 2014.

That will no doubt be the time when we see a lot more from Valve too, with regards to its Steam Box system and its possible VR developments.

Kitguru Says: I like the idea of the Steam Box since it could bring some console gamers over to the light side, but not sure I’d move from my nice monitor set up to the lounge just for a bigger display at a distance.

[Cheers Kotaku]

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