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Kerbal Space Program heading to schools

If Minecraft is a digital lego alternative that can teach kids how to be creative, how to design and cooperate with others, Kerbal Space Program (KSP) has the potential to improve their mathematics, forward thinking and functional construction skills. Which is why it’s so great that an educational version is heading to over 2,000 schools in just under a week.

It’s known as KerbalEdu and it’s being distributed by the developer and TeacherGaming, which gives it an immediately decent sized network of schools to work with. However it’s expected more will sign up in the future, since they’ll not only get access to a slightly cheaper version of the game ($17 per copy, or $330 for 25) but in the future there will be specific lessons within KSP, a metric system option and what the developers describe as a “robust” learning system alongside the main gameplay.

“Wait, they’re giving control to children?!” Source: MKoza

Another addition that I think all Kerbal engineers would like though, will be an analyser tool which allows students to run it should they come up against a random problem with their craft. It will then diagnose that they’re out of power, or there’s not enough lift etc.

KerbalEdu is set to officially launch on 18th December, though the offices responsible will be shutting down on the 21st and not processing any more orders, so if you want your school to become part of the program, you’ll need to get in their early or wait until after the holidays.

KitGuru Says: This is an awesome idea. I would have loved physics at school if we could have used a game like this to learn with.

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