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What do you think of iBuyPower’s SteamBox prototype?

The world and his dog may be clamouring about the newly released Xbox One and soon-to-be released (at least here anyway) PS4, but the real console that we're waiting for with baited breath, is the SteamBox, otherwise known, as the potential game-breaker. And now we're got another look at it, or at least a prototype from iBuyPower and we want to know what you think about it.


It's white and features an all round, light-bar, like segment that looks able to change colour. Whether that will be in response to console function or perhaps personal preference for styling purposes, is unclear.


According to iBuyPower, the Steam Box is working and running an early version of Valve's SteamOS software, but it's in the very early stages and this may not reflect the final version's looks. It is however, hitting the market in 2014, so expect something that looks a bit like this to be available for purchase before long.

This isn't the only one iBuyPower is working on though. There will be two options at launch, this one and another that features a tinted colour bar. It's not clear which is which at the moment, but according to Engadget, one is called Gordan, the other Freeman.

KitGuru Says: So guys, what do you think of the prototype? And which one do you think we're looking at? Gordon or Freeman?

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