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Child’s Play charity toasts ten years and $20 million

Step back ten years and you'd be walking around during the earliest days of gaming centric charity, Child's Play's. Since then it's teamed up with the likes of Humble Bundle, run its own events and over a decade of hard work, managed to raise over $20 million for kids around the world – $2.5 million in just 2013 alone.

While back in 2003, Child's Play's focus was mostly on the Seattle Children's hospital, today it has a network of over 90 facilities worldwide, including ones in the US, Canada, the UK and one in Egypt – Cairo's Children's Cancer Hospital.

Child's Play sponsored hospitals are all over at this point. 

The coolest part for those that have donated to this great cause though, is that the results are often game centric. Donations go towards the purchase of games and consoles for public rooms and wards at the hospitals, and some go to domestic violence facilities, to help children and their families overcome horrific traumas.

The release goes on to quote Dr. Bradley Leech, who described the charity's goals as: “adding a smile to [children's] faces at a time when it is needed the most.”

The release also detailed a recent Desert Bus For Hope, which raised another half million for Child's Play. If you've not heard of the bus before, it's essentially making gamers do funny/embarrassing things on camera:

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aq5zv3I9hxQ#t=150′]

It's been ongoing for several years now and continues to support the charity with events.

KitGuru Says: Well done to Child's Play and all those that continue to support it. It's always Great to see positive gaming stories in the news and this is a solid example of one. 

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