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Xbox Series X prototype leaks online

We’ve already seen perfected, digital renders of the Xbox Series X console thanks to a late December reveal trailer but what does the upcoming next-gen system look like in real life? At least one person has managed to get their hands on a prototype Xbox Series X this week, posting …

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Rare PlayStation SNES prototype switched on

Earlier this year, a super rare prototype of Nintendo and Sony’s collaboration console was found in what seemed like perfect condition and photos of it appeared online. Only 200 of these consoles were ever made, most of which were thrown out after the project fell apart. Now for the first …

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What do you think of iBuyPower’s SteamBox prototype?

The world and his dog may be clamouring about the newly released Xbox One and soon-to-be released (at least here anyway) PS4, but the real console that we’re waiting for with baited breath, is the SteamBox, otherwise known, as the potential game-breaker. And now we’re got another look at it, …

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Sega Pluto prototypes rediscovered

Some of the rarest video games, consoles and accessories are prototypes that never made it into full production. Finding them in the wild is nearly impossible as they’re usually in the basement/attic of a previously fired and (at the time) disgruntled employee, who decided they would take the latest and …

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