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LG shows off OLED flexible gaming display that curves itself for immersive gaming

LG has shown off a lot of interesting display prototypes over the years, with the most recent ones all incorporating flexible OLED panels in some form. The latest prototype from LG is a new OLED gaming display with the option to curve the TV for gaming and flatten it back out for watching TV or movies. 

The prototype seen in the image below is a 48-inch OLED panel incorporating both flat and curved modes. It is being shown as part of this year's virtual CES festivities. The core idea being that you can get a more immersive field of view for gaming or flatten the TV out for better viewing angles for non-interactive media.

Image Credit: LG Display. 

As pointed out by The Verge, this particular display also features LG's upcoming Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) technology, which vibrates the screen to produce audio.

As we dive into the more technical specifications, this display has a 120Hz refresh rate, making it ideal for gaming. It also supports variable refresh rates between 40Hz and 120Hz with a response time of just 0.1ms. Presumably, this is a 4K display being used here. In terms of just how much it can bend for gaming, the maximum radius for now appears to be 1,000mm.

This is just one of the concept displays LG has been working on behind the scenes. Others include transparent OLED displays and other forms of flexible screens to suit different needs.

KitGuru Says: I always look forward to seeing what wild and interesting prototypes LG has up its sleeve for each CES. What do you think of this new gaming display concept? Would you opt for a TV that can curve and flatten itself? 

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