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LG’s new DualUp monitor sports a 16:18 aspect ratio

Most consumer monitors fall within the classic 16:9 aspect ratio, with a few exceptions coming in at 16:10 or 4:3. However, LG decided to shake things up with the new DualUp monitor, a display aimed at creators and developers featuring a 16:18 aspect ratio. Featuring a 28-inch Nano IPS panel …

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LG releases 16-inch Gram +View portable monitor

Portable monitors are useful small displays that users can carry around wherever they go. However, most of these are limited to 1080p, which isn't always enough depending on the task at hand. For those looking for something a bit sharper, than LG may have the answer.  Featuring a 16-inch IPS …

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LG reveals two new TONE Free TWS earbuds

LG has announced two new LG TONE Free true wireless earbuds, the HBS-FN6 and HBS-FN4 models. These earbuds from LG feature self-cleaning technology as well as Meridian's Headphone Spatial Processing technology. These earbuds from LG have been developed together with Meridian, an English audio specialist founded back in 1977. Meridian provides its …

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LG smartphones to start fresh with LG Velvet

LG Corporation, formerly known as Lucky-Goldstar, has been around for many decades, producing a wide range of products – everything from monitors to laptops and smartphones. Now LG is looking to embark on a new journey with its latest smartphone – LG Velvet.  LG's announcement of its new smartphone, LG Velvet, is accompanied by …

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LG set to unveil five new monitors at CES 2020

LG will unveil five new monitors at CES in January 2020. These new monitors are the Ultrafine 32UN880, the Ultrawide 38WN95C, and three UltraGear monitors:  the 27GN950,  the 34GN850, and the 38GN950. The LG Ultrafine 32UN880 is an “Ergo” 4K 32-inch monitor with an “innovative ergonomic solution”. According to LG, the Ergo's is based …

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