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Samsung to begin buying LG OLED panels for future TVs

Back in 2015, Samsung chose to stop making OLED TVs, instead opting to work on alternative technologies, like QLED. However, OLED has only grown in popularity amongst consumers, giving LG a nice advantage in the display market. Now, Samsung has reportedly signed a deal to start buying OLED panels from LG. 

In a recent report, Reuters claims that Samsung has signed a deal to buy LG TV panels. These will be high-end panels to start off with, so don't expect Samsung to roll out a full lineup of OLED TVs, but the company should soon offer a few high-end options using LG panels.

This is the first time Samsung has purchased OLED panels from LG, its closest rival. Samsung reportedly bought as many as two million OLED panels for future TVs in 2024. In 2025, that number will jump to three million OLED panels and then in 2026, it will jump up again to five million.

As pointed out by The Verge, Samsung has been looking to get back into the OLED TV market for a little while now and is also working on spinning up its own supply. Currently, Samsung supplies OLED panels for Sony's 2022 QD-OLED TV. At this point in time though, Samsung Display is pretty far behind, with LG taking up 50 percent of the OLED TV market, and Sony coming in behind it with a 26 percent share. Samsung's OLED TV market share is currently in the single digits.

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KitGuru Says: Samsung has made plenty of nice TVs over the years but ultimately, the quality of OLED has won out over LCD solutions and issues like burn-in are far less pervasive nowadays. In the years ahead, it looks like we'll start to see more Samsung OLED TVs once again.

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