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Nintendo PlayStation prototype goes up for auction with bids approaching $50K

All the way back in July 2015, we learned that an incredibly rare prototype of the unreleased SNES-CD, otherwise known as the SNES PlayStation or the Nintendo PlayStation Superdisc, was found and recovered in near perfect condition. Over the next couple of years, the owner got the console working and even managed to get around a software issue that blocked the CD drive from functioning. Now, after touring the piece of gaming history across the US, the owner has put it up for auction, with the first offers coming in at over $30,000. 

We heard that the ‘Nintendo PlayStation’ might be sold off back in October, when the owner tweeted out his email address seeking serious offers. At one point, someone offered $1.2 million for the rare prototype but the offer was turned down. Now, the console is up for auction through Heritage, which began dealing in video game collectables a while back, selling off rare copies of video games. This will be the first unreleased console to go up for auction.

In the past, we've seen rare video games sell for huge amounts of money. For instance, a boxed copy of the original Mega Man went for $75,000 last year, and a couple of years ago a copy of Super Mario Bros was sold for $100,000. There is no telling how high the price will go for the Nintendo PlayStation but at the time of writing, the bidding sits at $48,000.

The auction is due to end on the 6th of March, so there is still plenty of time for wealthy collectors to throw their wallet in the ring.

KitGuru Says: It is going to be very interesting to see how much this console ends up selling for, as we've never seen a recovered prototype of a cancelled console go to auction. How much do you reckon someone will end up paying for something as rare as this? 

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