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Xbox Series X prototype leaks online

We've already seen perfected, digital renders of the Xbox Series X console thanks to a late December reveal trailer but what does the upcoming next-gen system look like in real life? At least one person has managed to get their hands on a prototype Xbox Series X this week, posting images online for the world to see. 

Over on Twitter, a user by the name of Doug posted images of the front and back of a legitimate prototype Xbox Series X. We don't know where they got it from, but the console's serial number is in view, so Microsoft will very likely be able to track it down.

On the prototype version, we can see that the back panel is removable, although that may not be the case for the final version. We have two USB ports, Ethernet, HDMI, optical audio and a chunky mystery port that some speculate could be used for expandable flash storage.

Interestingly, the HDMI In port is gone, so you may not be hooking your cable box or other devices to the Series X, further cementing Microsoft's new ‘gaming first' approach, rather than focusing on all entertainment mediums.

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KitGuru Says: The Xbox Series X is a bit smaller than I initially expected, although this leak isn't exactly revolutionary, as the console form factor has already been revealed. Still, it is interesting to see one out in the wild. 

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