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Are Infinity Ward set to sell consoles now?

The whole “getting into hardware,” gimmick seems to have become just that for many companies. I appreciate that the likes of Ouya and Nvidia are shaking up the traditional big three dynamic of consoles, but do we really need another? According to a cryptic image posted by Infinity Ward, it too may be entering the hardware game.

This is the image that appeared on the Infinity Ward twitter account over the weekend. It shows one of those small Xi3 piston machines that Valve showed off as a potential Steam Box, though this one has the IW logo on the side. It’s also sitting on top of some kind of second enclosure that could be a storage unit, and next to both of these is a smartphone – apparently for scale reference.

The only text with the image is “what’s this?” leaving many internet users puzzled over what they’ve seen.

Is Infinity Ward making its own console? Will it simply partner with Valve as part of the Steam Box release? Will there be a Call of Duty console that’s cut rate but can only play games from the one company?

KitGuru Says: I’m kind of stumped here. What do you guys think this is?

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