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Xi3 announces… nothing yet

The company that showed off the first potential Steambox hardware last year in the Xi3 Piston, has had a countdown running this weekend for… something and that countdown has now come to an end. But now all that’s on the screen is the same image as before, just befooted with …

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Are Infinity Ward set to sell consoles now?

The whole “getting into hardware,” gimmick seems to have become just that for many companies. I appreciate that the likes of Ouya and Nvidia are shaking up the traditional big three dynamic of consoles, but do we really need another? According to a cryptic image posted by Infinity Ward, it …

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First look at Valve’s “console”


It was only yesterday that we heard about Valve’s Linux box coming sometime this year, but it’s today that the world will gets it first official look at CES. However, the boys at Engadget managed to get an early peek at the system, known as “Piston.” Manufactured by Xi3 and …

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