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Xi3 announces… nothing yet

The company that showed off the first potential Steambox hardware last year in the Xi3 Piston, has had a countdown running this weekend for… something and that countdown has now come to an end. But now all that's on the screen is the same image as before, just befooted with a bunch of zeroes.


Xi3 drew a lot of attention from the gaming world last year because of its Piston PC debuting. It was thought to be the earliest version of a Steambox, but Valve debunked that. Xi3 eventually agreed, but it did let loose that Valve had commissioned the Piston development, suggesting that an official steam box could be quite similar.

KitGuru Says: I know this is a bit of a cop-out news piece, but if I'm going to sit here refreshing the page, waiting for something to happen, I've got to keep myself busy – and you might as well wait with me. 

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