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100 gamers line up to beat Dotcom, one succeeds

Kim Dotcom recently announced his partnership with the New Zealand gaming/tech show, DigitalNationz, which would see him face off against 100 celebrities and competition winning gamers, donating $100 to charity each time he beat one of them, but offering big prizes to the first eight people that beat him. 99 gamers went home over the two day event, secure in the knowledge that their gaming failures meant $100 extra went to a good cause. One however, one skilled player went the full distance and was able to topple Dotcom, taking home £1,000, an Xbox One (delivered on release) and a huge TV for his trouble.

While the Megaupload founder is an internet entrepreneur and multi-millionaire, this hasn't meant he's out of touch with the gaming scene. For a long time in-fact, Dotcom has been a very high level ranked Call of Duty player, at one time ranked first in the world on CoD: Modern Warfare 3.

However, despite his impressive skillset, one gamer, Caleb Makiri from Whangarei was able to take him down, winning a very nice prize pack. He wasn't the only one to test Dotcom though, who had a few close shaves throughout the day and was battled to a draw by Shadous Wymom from Timaru.

Dotcom previously announced his challenge from his famous game room. Those sofas accompanied him to the Digital Nationz show, for added comfort. 

None of the celebrities, including local news anchors and journalists were able to offer the German born millionaire much trouble, despite some hype talk before hand.

Tweeting about the event afterwards, Dotcom said: “Result of Dotcom vs 100: 98 wins – 1 draw – 1 loss. I had a blast today. Epic! Thx @DIGITALNATIONZ.”

Digital Nationz brought in a total of over 4,000 gamers and press over the weekend, giving them a first hand look at the PS4, Xbox One and other upcoming technical achievements.

KitGuru Says: Fair play to Dotcom, he's clearly still got it. I wonder what Digital Nationz did with the other seven prize packs though?

[Thanks NZHerald]

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