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Hackers target Czech news media

Hackers hit some of the major news websites in the Czech Republic this morning, bringing many of them to their knees and making most hard, if not impossible to access. These include the country’s biggest news sites: ihned.cz, dnes.cz and novinky.cz.

The attacks were nothing out of the ordinary, just you average distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack. However the motive behind them could be. According to a Reuters source, in some parts of the world, rival media organisations and even some governments could be involved in shuttering digital media by taking down their websites.

Similar cited attacks were against the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, both of which were said to have originated from China.

Someone call Crash Override

We’ve seen similar tactics from the people friendly, freedom movement, Anonymous, which has hit out at corrupt organisations and governments itself in the past. Fortunately for average citizens, a DDOS attack means little but an inconvenience when your favourite website is downed. For certain groups however, like Scientology or social networks, it can be a much bigger pain in the neck.

In this latest attack, the Czech republic wasn’t the only victim. Government systems in Romania and Ireland were also hit. In the former state, officials believe it was a rival European country that could have been responsible.

KitGuru: Lot of focus on government sponsored hackers these days – with many fingers being pointed at China and its elusive Unit 61398. I miss the simple days of Matthew Lillard and pals, skating around, hacking away. Taking down the Gibson.

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