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Arctic leads the charge in portable power banks

Running out of juice is a pain. Whenever it happens, you just wish that you had half an hour spare to stick your phone or other cool electronic device into a hotel wall socket and get a few bars back. But what if you're no where near a hotel?  Arctic wants €39 of your hard-earned cash for a solution. KitGuru ponders the value.

With lithium polymer technology on its side, Arctic has packed a lot of the charge holding material into the new Power Bank 4000.

This slimline device comes in silver or black and takes 6 hours to fully charge.

Once energised, you can carry it around in the side pocket of your hand luggage etc, just waiting for the opportunity to pull it out and act superior as those around you lose their charge and blame it on you.

Jeannie Wong, Arctic marketing guru, told us, “With it's 2A maximum current output at 4000 mAh, the Arctic Power Bank 4000 can quickly charge all Smartphones, tablets and USB devices”.


“Yes”, she replied. “Take for example the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III, it can extend their battery life for as much as 14 hours of talk time or, if you are in the mood for entertainment, around 70 hours of audio playback”.

Jeannie went on, “The smart level LED indicator displays its battery status and charging mode, so that you know
when it’s time to recharge your Power Bank 4000 and always give you the full supply at anytime. Integrated with a safety-protection mode, it prevents damage to both the Power Bank and your connected device, charging will immediately stop if the Power Bank overloads your device”.

So how big it is?

“At only 11mm thick, it fits in any pocket!”, she smiled. “And the elegant brushed aluminium cover, with anti-slip back, mean better grip for safe use”

It's available from Amazon already – other stores to follow.

Slim, slylish and low cost - with a 2 year guarantee. Hard to argue with the Arctic Power Bank 4000

KitGuru says: Opinion is divided in the KitGuru office about this kind of product. Those who have traditionally used Blackberry devices, feel that a spare, fully charged battery for your phone is a better/cheaper way forward. On the other hand, Apple users don't have that option, in which case Arctic's solution is a win.

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