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Update: TeamViewer comments on hacking claims

Update: TeamViewer responded to our requests for comment with the following: “TeamViewer is appalled by any criminal activity; however, the source of the problem, according to our research, is careless use, not a potential security breach on TeamViewer’s side,” it said in a statement. It also clarified that TeamViewer has …

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Kaspersky details billion dollar digital bank heist

According to anti-malware security firm Kapersky, many of the world's major banks have been hit by digital thieves over the past year and a half, with the attackers making off with at least $300 million, but potentially as much as a billion (£648 million), after using malware and social engineering …

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Riot Games’ owner now runs an online bank

Tencent, best known in the gaming world as the parent company of Riot Games and its worldly popular League of Legends, is one of the largest internet firms in China and it now looks set to expand its influence even further with the creation of its own private online bank. …

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Staples investigating potential credit card security breach

US office supplies company Staples has announced that it is currently cooperating with police to help it investigate a potential security breach which could have made payment card details of its customers vulnerable. The investigation was announced shortly after KrebsOnSecurity broke the news that banks were looking into a link …

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Barclays data reveal could have been inside job

Barclays bank and its customers had a nasty shock yesterday, when it was revealed that the information of people that use the bank, was being sold on black markets and used for all manner of criminal activity, from fraud, to blackmail and other scams. While the bank has a looming …

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Australia’s reserve bank hacked

The Plague

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has been hacked, with a media report suggesting that those responsible were from China – however the RBA has yet to release an official statement explaining what exactly happened. It is thought that those responsible were attempting to gain information about the G-20 economic …

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US Federal Reserve hacked, mildly

Federal Reserve

The United States Federal Reserve has announced that one of its internal websites was hacked, though it has assured the public that no critical functions of the bank were affected and that the flaw in the system that allowed the hacker to gain access has now been shored up. “The …

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