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Australia’s reserve bank hacked

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has been hacked, with a media report suggesting that those responsible were from China – however the RBA has yet to release an official statement explaining what exactly happened.

It is thought that those responsible were attempting to gain information about the G-20 economic negotiations, which have been ongoing at different times over the past month.

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I hacked it you techno-weenie.

The Chinese involvement in this hack is unconfirmed at the moment, with the only information on it coming from an anonymous media source. However, China has had a lot of press recently for its Unit 61398 which some are suggesting has grown so powerful that it has attained a level of autonomy within the Chinese military infrastructure.

This isn’t the first time the RBA has been hit by this sort of attack either. Back in 2011 several emails containing compromising malware were opened by bank employees, infecting the internal systems. Fortunately at the time, administrators weren’t hit, so the virus was unable to replicate across the system.

KitGuru Says: Well it’s a story about hacking, how was I supposed to not make a reference to Hackers?

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