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Respawn developers have been returning to Infinity Ward


Call of Duty co-creators Jason West and Vince Zampella founded Titanfall studio Respawn Entertainment after a disagreement with Infinity Ward led them to be unceremoniously let go from the company. Following Titanfall 2’s poor performance, it seems that several of Respawn’s staff are returning to Infinity Ward. At least 8 …

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This year’s Call of Duty could tackle Sci-Fi

Call of Duty has gone through several changes over the years but the big focus right now appears to be on futuristic themes with Black Ops III and Advanced Warfare. However, this year’s game from Infinity Ward could take things a step forward with a full blown Sci-Fi setting with …

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Neversoft goes out in style before Infinity Ward merger

Neversoft is one of the longest running developers out there, with a game history that spans Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk and the original PlayStation port of MDK. But today it’s no longer it’s own studio, as Activision, its parent company, recently announced that it would be merging with Infinity Ward …

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Neversoft is merging with Infinity Ward

Activision is doing some internal reshuffling this week as the publisher has announced plans to shut down NeverSoft Studios in order to merge its current staff with Infinity Ward, Activision is referring to the now larger Call of Duty developer as a ‘super studio’. The news was announced through a …

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Call of Duty to get Predator themed DLC

Following on from the franchises recent alien DLC, Call of Duty is set to get Predator themed DLC too, Infinity Ward has teased. The new DLC is said to be part of the upcoming Devastation pack for Call of Duty Ghosts, which arrives on the 3rd of April for all …

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Infinity Ward update fixes CoD 4k issues

While Call of Duty Ghosts has sold incredibly well, its launch has been anything pain free. There was the whole resolution-gate scandal on the next-gen systems, struggling to break contemporary resolutions at a decent frame rate and then there was the fact that reviewers felt the developers had just gone …

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Call of Duty getting double XP weekend

If you stayed up late last night for the launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts, or are itching to get home to open up your delivered, pre-order copy, don’t worry about being several hours behind people in more Eastern parts of the world, as this coming weekend, Infinity Ward is …

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