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You can order a PS4 game now, for £70

Clothing and accessories firm, The Hut, is now offering PS4 pre-orders on its website, for such games as inFamous Second Son, Diablo III, Destiny, Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack – all for the princly price of £69.99.

Fortunately a statement has been released by the company, suggesting that these are merely its own interpretations of next-gen pricing and haven’t been set by Sony or major publishers. Of course this then begs the question, why so high?

It could be that The Hut merely wants a bit more upfront cash, which it could potentially earn interest on while people wait for their machine/games and then refund it when the actual release occurs. It could also be that it’s heard rumours of what the PS4 software will actually retail at – it’s likely games will be a little more expensive to start with, as they usually are with the beginning of a new generation.

However a sceptical mind might think that The Hut merely did this so suckers like me would write about it.

TheHut: You don't need that money in your wallet. We'll hold on to it for you. For safekeeping.

KitGuru Says: Whatever the reason though, you can now-preorder all the games we saw during the big PS4 unveiling – that didn’t show off the console itself – a couple of weeks ago.

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