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AMD EPYC 9004 specifications and performance leaks

We're still a while away from the launch of new-gen EPYC processors. AMD has not said much about its plans yet, but a leak this week has revealed specs for the server CPU lineup, as well as expected performance. 

According to Moore's Law Is Dead, the EPYC 9004 series will feature CPUs with up to 96 cores, 192 threads, and TDP that goes as high as 400W. The table shared by the leaker shows the SKUs are divided by workload categories, namely “density optimized”, “balanced”, “cost-optimized”, and “core strength”.

At the top, we have the EPYC 9654, packing 96 cores and 192 threads with a 3.5-3.7GHZ boost clock. The CPU features 12 CCDs and a total of 384MB of L3 cache, hence the cTDP (configurable TDP) of 320-400W. On the other side of the spectrum, there's the EPYC 9124 with 16 cores and 32 threads boosting up 3.5-3.7GHz and 64MB of L3 cache. All this comes in a 200W TDP package (200-240W cTDP).

Those looking for maximum single-core performance should take a look at the EPYC 9x74F chips with up to 48 cores and 96 threads, as these are capable of boosting over 4.0GHz. These chips have 256MB of L3 cache across their 8 CCDs and a 320/360W TDP (cTDP of 320-400W).

The leak also included charts where the upcoming EPYC chips are compared to the Intel rivals (3rd Gen Xeon Scalable series). In these, we see AMD's flagship CPU outperforming the competition, offering 2.6x more performance than the Intel Xeon Platinum 9380 and almost twice as fast as the EPYC 7763. There's also another slide where we see all the 32C processors in AMD's lineup outperforming the 40-core Xeon Platinum 9380 on SPECrate 2017 Integer_Base benchmark.

We have yet to learn when the new AMD server chips will release, but it shouldn't take much longer. We will probably see them available later this year or in early 2023.

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KitGuru says: Intel should have launched its Sapphire Rapids server CPUs by now, but the launch has been pushed. This has given AMD time to prepare its new EPYC CPUs, which will now hit the market closer to Intel's offering. 

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