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Intel “Meteor Lake” Core Ultra 9 CPUs might be pushed to 2024

The first Intel Core Ultra processors are on the way, with Intel planning to make the first SKUs available in mid-December. While we assumed that the high-end Core Ultra 9 chips would be made available at this time, new reports suggest that Intel's top-end Meteor Lake processors may not arrive until 2024. 

According to a Weibo post, the debut of the Meteor Lake Core Ultra 9 CPUs is not scheduled for this year but rather for 2024. Moreover, the post claims that Intel is taking the Ryzen 7 7840HS and the Core i9-13900H, the Core Ultra 5 125H, and the Core Ultra 7 155H into consideration for comparisons.

The exclusion of Core Ultra 9 from the first Meteor Lake lineup isn't as critical as it might look at first glance. First, the new mobile platform is scheduled to debut on December 14th, which means that the new year is only around the corner. Additionally, many mobile systems are often introduced at CES, which is held in early January. It's during this conference that most laptop manufacturers announce their new high-end systems.

Up to now, we've only heard about one Core Ultra 9 CPU, the Core Ultra 9 185H. Based on reports, this CPU will have 6 P-Cores, 8 E-Cores, and 2 E-Cores. The boost clock speed is expected to go up to 5.1GHz and, as part of the Core H-series, it should have a 45W TDP.

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KitGuru says: At worst, it seems the Core Ultra 9 CPUs should release only three weeks after the initial lineup. That's not so bad.

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