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Immortals of Aveum has been delayed to August 22nd

Ascendant Studios has announced a delay for their magical FPS game, Immortals of Aveum. Originally slated for July 20th, the game will now hit the shelves on August 22. The studio expressed their gratitude for the enthusiasm surrounding the game but cited “recent feedback” as the reason for the delay.

Bret Robbins, the game's director, stated that they wanted to take the extra time to make the game better and ensure that it lived up to players' expectations. After being named one of the most anticipated games from Summer Game Fest by various outlets, the expectations for the game are high, and the team wants to ensure that players aren't disappointed.

Immortals of Aveum promises an exciting journey through a world of magic as players join a group of battlemages on a mission to save the world. With fast-paced gameplay, players will wield an array of magical powers to blast through levels and take down enemies. The game boasts an impressive arsenal of 25 spells, 80 talents, and plenty of loot to customise your loadout according to your preferences.

This delay does mean that the game will be releasing closer to tough competition. In late August, FromSoftware will be releasing its next game, Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon and Larian Studios will officially be launching Baldur's Gate 3. A couple of weeks later, Starfield will be launching, so the game has suddenly been thrown into one of the more competitive release periods of the year.

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