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Total War: Warhammer debuts Dwarven engines, in-engine

As much as looking at fantasy worlds often reveal horrific racism and xenophobia among their occupants, there's something simplistic about separate races of people which appeals to our tribal nature that's just about hidden under society's veil. But that tribalism does allow for the creation of strong, thematic fantasy characters like …

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Meet Total War: Warhammer’s Luminark of Hysh

The Warhammer world has a lot of weird and wonderful creatures and contraptions, with giants, griffons, cannons and ball and chain swinging goblins being common place – they're a mad lot in the Old World. Perhaps not as mad as the wizards though, who tread that line between chaos and …

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Creative Assembly is making Total War: Warhammer

You never really believed that even after its hit with Alien: Isolation, that Creative Assembly would stop making Total War games did you? Despite Rome II's somewhat lacklustre reception, another Total War game has been in the works for a couple of years already, but it steps into the world …

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