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Bretonnians charge into Total War: Warhammer multiplayer

Creative Assembly has been teasing another playable race for its Total War: Warhammer title for a while now. While there are many races people would like to see, Bretonnia seemed like an obvious choice, because of the cross over with the Empire models, and it looks like we weren't wrong. Bretonnia is coming to the digital tabletop.

A human kingdom with a distinctly French flair compared to its more German inspired counterparts under Karl Franz, Bretonnia is a nation that prides itself on its knights. It has several different types of cavalry, though almost all are rather heavy and some even fly, really mixing things up.

Its magic is rather special too though. Instead of opting for sorcerers and warlocks, Bretonnia makes use of Enchantresses, which can cause all sorts of headaches for the enemy army.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRPaDmakbvU']

To show off the newly announced army, Creative Assembly released a 25 minute Let's Play of a custom battle between a pair of staffers, one taking on the role of the Bretonnians, while the other took control of the rotting undead hordes.

It's a good showcase of gameplay and what the Bretonnians are capable of. They are a very human army, so aren't too dissimilar to what the Empire offers, but for generals that would prefer a little more flare and enjoy the charge of massed heavy cavalry, it should be a fun choice.

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KitGuru Says: Fun fact, my brother has been crushed my poor Wood Elves with his Bretonnian Blood Bowl team. I will have to make sure my Orcish hordes get their own back when Total War: Warhammer is released at the end of May. 

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