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Halo Infinite loses its Lead Producer; 343 Industries says not to worry

Halo Infinite hasn’t had the greatest luck as of late. Less than two months after the departure of the game’s Creative Director, Tim Longo, 343 Industries is having to say goodbye to another important figure in the game’s development.

Mary Olson, who was promoted to Lead Producer of Halo Infinite in the wake of Longo’s departure, has confirmed via her LinkedIn page that she has left the company after a 7-year long tenure. 

Olson is now working as Head of Production at Midwinter Entertainment, a Seattle-based indie studio founded in 2016. The studio is currently working on its first game: Scavengers.

Halo Infinite’s turbulent development is leading some to fear for the franchise’s upcoming offering. Two key developers leaving the project in such a short timespan could be cause for concern. 343 Industries themselves don’t appear to be too worried however.

Tackling the topic on Reddit, 343 Industries’ Community Manager John Junyszek clarified that Olson never replaced Longo, and that their departures were in no way connected. While this may be true, it doesn’t invalidate the fact that two of Halo Infinite’s core developers have left far in advance of the game’s release.

Ever since 343 Industries replaced Bungie as the developers of Halo, many have thought the mainline series has dropped in quality, with the most recent ‘numbered' game in the franchise, Halo 5, being its lowest reviewed yet

Hopefully 343 Industries is able get development back on track. Fans have been yearning for a new Halo game, and from the two trailers that have been revealed, it seems like 343 is making all the right moves in trying to fix the franchise’s flaws. Halo Infinite is scheduled to release “Holiday 2020” on PC, Xbox One, and Microsoft’s next generation “Project Scarlett”.

KitGuru says: Do these recent developments worry you, do you think there’s no cause for concern, or are you just happy to see Halo Infinite coming to PC? Let us know down below.

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