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AI pushback in 2018 could slow developments for years to come

2018 held more marked developments and revelations concerning the field of AI than ever before, yet the public at large seems more concerned with its potential shortcomings than its inevitable benefits. These concerns are hardly unfounded yet could prove troublesome for the future development of machine learning processes. After all, …

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Turtle Rock officially ends Evolve development

Original Left 4 Dead creator Turtle Rock, has announced in a heartfelt message, that it will no longer be developing monster slaying, asymmetrical multiplayer title, Evolve. While the servers will remain online for continued play, no more content updates or DLC releases can be expected. Its future is in the …

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JJ Abrams developing Portal and Half Life movies

As much as there are still a lot of people with their fingers crossed that one day Valve will release an update to its Half Life and Portal Universes, it may be that the stories are expanded through movies next. There's been rumours of both hitting the big screen at …

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UK Games Fund nets £4 million government grant

Up and coming game developers in the UK now have another avenue to explore in the quest for production budgets, as the UK Games Fund, a self-described “community interest company,” non-profit designed to aid the British game making economy, has just received a £4 million grant from the government. That …

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CD Projekt Red denies rumours regarding EA takeover

With the launch of The Witcher: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt Red has comfortably made a name for itself in the mainstream gaming market, which would make the studio quite attractive to larger publishers. GOG has also become more popular over the past year, which has spurred rumours that CD Projekt …

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