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Limbo, Inside developer teases another dark and shadowy game

Playdead, the developer behind hit indie side-scrollers Inside and Limbo, has teased its next project and it has a similar theme. Dark, shadowy and without much colour, the new game has an art style that should be familiar to anyone who has played Playdead’s previous titles, though how it may relate to them remains to be seen.

With countless awards for both of its original titles, Playdead no doubt is aware that it has a bit of a niche within the gaming industry. Its previous work has blended horror, with the exploration of the unknown and ambiguous story telling, to create a unique universe that seems to be at least partially shared across games. It’s not clear yet if that is the case with its next game, but it certainly looks like it could.

Announced on the company’s Twitter as the “next adventure,” that the co-founder of the company, Arnt Jensen and the rest of the Playdead team are working on, the new game doesn’t have a name, but it does have a screenshot. It shows a shadowy, possibly helmeted figure, dragging what looks like a parachute up a hill, while watching something fiery crash down from above.

We could make the jump and say that this is the figure’s space ship, or plane, but considering Playdead’s art style, it could easily be a meteorite and that parachute could be some sort of shadow monster dragging back our new friend. Who knows at this point.

We may have some time to wait to find out though. Limbo was originally released in 2010 and it took six years for Inside to come out. Although Playdead’s team has been working on the new project since Inside was released, that was only six months ago, so we won’t keep our eyes peeled for anything new from Playdead for a short while at least.

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KitGuru Says: Did you guys enjoy Playdead’s previous games? They are quite light on the gameplay, but I adored Inside while it lasted. The secret ending was a bit of a mission to get, but it made for a more deep understanding of the story which is hardly a bad thing.

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