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New GitHub CEO talks about the future of the service

It was announced recently that Microsoft would be buying GitHub, the repository sharing service, for an eye-watering $7.5 billion. A few days ago, the future GitHub CEO, Nat Freidman, did an AMA on Reddit answering the community’s burning questions about the acquisition.

On Reddit, Nat Friedman decided to do an AMA in order to quell any concerns the GitHub community may have about the takeover from Microsoft. Lots of users made their way to Reddit as the AMA currently sits at 1400 comments.

The most popular question that got an answer was the opinion of the future CEO on users moving their repositories to different services such as GitLab. Nat Friedman stated he was sad that users felt compelled to move their code to other services but understood the scepticism in the community surrounding the acquisition.

Nat Friedman also confirmed that GitHub accounts will be staying, with the possible inclusion of the ability to login via a Microsoft account. He also confirmed that Microsoft has no plans to start placing advertisements on project repositories.

It appears Nat Friedman and Microsoft have no current plans to change GitHub from the service that it is today. This will perhaps quell the migrations from developers currently, but it remains to be seen if Microsoft can keep a hands-off approach to the service, considering their track record.

KitGuru Says: It is understandable that developers are migrating to other services, despite what Microsoft may do to reassure users, they have a history of bloating services to the point of destruction. Do you think that Microsoft can be trusted with GitHub?

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