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Computex 2018: Riotoro demos its resizeable case, Project Morpheus

With Computex 2018 now over, we have just a couple more stories to bring you from the show floor. One of these comes from Riotoro, as it showcased its very unique Project Morpheus case that can be resized from ATX to Micro ATX form-factors, and vice versa.

Watch via Vimeo (below) or over on YouTube HERE

In practice, this means the case can either be a shorter, slight wider chassis with 5 expansion slots accessible, or it can be slightly taller and narrower, with a full complement of expansion slots available. Important to note is that although the size changes, you don’t have to switch motherboards – a standard ATX motherboard is used for both configurations, the size of the case just changes as mentioned above.

Clearly, the idea is that you might start out with a single graphics card and thus not need the extra height of a standard ATX case, so you can opt for the shorter version of the case. Down the line, perhaps you add in an extra graphics card or sound card, or you want to add extra storage – well, then you can make the case bigger.

You may think that making such changes to the case would be a bit of a faff, but thankfully Riotoro has thought of that as well, as the entire ‘resizing’ process will tool-free. We say ‘will be tool free’, as the case is currently in the early prototype stage so at the moment you have to use a screwdriver as per the video above. The final product, however, will utilise a tool-free design.

Lastly, Riotoro is also keen to point out the performance-oriented design of the case. Not only does it give you the flexibility of being able to change the size of the case, but almost all of the exterior panels are vented for airflow. This certainly bucks the current trend where cases are adding more glass panels with closed-off designs.

KitGuru says: The Riotoro Project Morpheus case is certainly unique, and I have to say it looks quite promising. It is not quite ready to go on general sale just yet, but if you want to register your interest, head over to Riotoro’s website.

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