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Kim Dotcom might launch yet another file locker site

For all his bluster, pomp and failed political ambitions, Kim Dotcom has done a few things well over the years, namely making file lockers. MegaUpload and more recently Mega, were big successes and though he’s not involved in either any more, he may build a new one, with a name that he says will make people happy.

Dotcom currently still resides in New Zealand, preparing his appeal for his extradition trial, the result of which would see him deported to the U.S. to face trial. However in the mean time Dotcom has been busy launching music services like Baboom and apparently building a new file locker website too.

The initial announcement for the site was made – where else – on his official Twitter account, where he detailed some of its features: “100GB free storage, on-the-fly encryption, sync all your devices, no transfer limits.” That last point is something he recently criticised Mega for enabling.

He capped the Tweet off by reminding everyone that next year will be the fifth anniversary of his arrest at his New Zealand mansion in 2012. Presumably that’s the intended launch date.

When asked by fans about the service, he said that it would be far better than mega, offering a lot of improvements and would be much easier to use. That’s an interesting statement to make since Mega has proved to be a fairly intuitive tool for people, though Dotcom has distanced himself from the encrypted file locker in recent years, suggesting it had money problems and had been taken over by a hostile Chinese investor.

When TorrentFreak reached out to the legally embattled entrepreneur, it was told that a new file locker was indeed under development and that Dotcom was excited about the innovations it will contain. While he remained coy about specific features beyond what he had already detailed in the above Tweet, he did highlight how important personal privacy and security still was for him.

Dotcom also said that this would be his best creation yet, utilising eight years of knowledge in the file locker business to bring it to life.

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KitGuru Says: Dotcom has promised a lot over the years and only delivered on a few projects, but traditionally his file lockers have been strong services that are well received. Would you jump on board a new Kim Dotcom file locker?

Image Source: Dotcom/Twitter

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