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MegaUpload 2 won’t even host files itself

Since the original MegaUpload was shut down by authorities in 2012 and its many assets seized, original founder Kim Dotcom has been trying to develop a new file locker which cannot fall foul to old pitfalls. He’s not quite managed it yet, but MegaUpload 2.0 might make it a reality, …

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MegaUpload server failure potential a cause for concern

Close to five years on from the seizure of the MegaUpload servers following the arrest of site founder, Kim Dotcom, millions of users from all over the world still don’t have access to their data. Since the hosting company which currently stores the hardware has suggested the drives within them …

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Courts order Mega to hand over U.S. user data

Kim Dotcom’s second file locker project (now disowned), Mega, has been hit with a court order in the U.S. demanding that the site hand over the user information for certain accounts. This comes after sensitive, foreign government documents were found on the site after a hack. This court action could be …

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Torrent takedowns get ahead of Walking Dead pirates

For the first time it seems that those looking to shut down torrents of popular TV shows might be doing it too fast for pirates to share it, as getting hold of the latest episode of The Walking Dead has proved much harder for pirating fans. Many of the biggest torrent …

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Chinese investors gain control of MEGA file locker

Following a new round of funding which saw the MEGA encrypted file locker service raise a further $7.5 million to aid continued operations, two Chinese investors have become the company’s largest share holders, with only the original lead programmer retaining even a modest share of the company. The news prompted …

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MegaUpload software dev. pleads guilty on copyright charges

One of the software developers that worked on the long defunct MegaUpload file locker site, founded by internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, has plead guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit copyright infringement, after being arrested in the US just a few days ago. His sentence will see him spend the next …

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German court demands Rapidshare police piracy

Of all the file locker websites out there, Rapidshare has been one of the biggest copyright lobbyist facilitators. It didn’t shut itself down in the wake of remote backup site targeting by law enforcement, but it did bottleneck free accounts and make all sorts of other measures designed to help …

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Kim Dotcom explains how they deleted Mega gun plans

While Kim Dotcom is often seen as a folk hero of the internet, he drew a lot of criticism recently for his deletion of 3D printed gun plans from his Mega file locker website and this concerned people: partly because Dotcom has previously been all about freedom of information and …

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Mega launch plagued by heavy load

File Upload

When launching a website, every developer wants to see the popularity of their new property explode. They want the media talking about it and people watching their press conference, reading their tweets and above all, using the site itself. While that has happened in the case of Kim Dotcom’s new …

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Canada won’t ship Megaupload servers to US


Even with a heavily worded request from US authorities for 32 Megaupload servers, a Canadian court has rejected the proposal, suggesting that since personal information could be part of the data, that it must first ascertain what is stored on them before the hand over. Despite having lost almost every …

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Rapidshare reinstates high speed downloads for free users


File locker website Rapidshare has announced that it has removed download speed restrictions from free users, as part of a move to introduce what a spokesperson described as “more efficient counter measures” against piracy. The Rapidshare download limits, which prevented those with free accounts from downloading at speeds over 30Kb/s, were introduced …

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Megaupload to be reborn as Mega


Despite Kim Dotcom also pushing next-gen music service, Megabox, he also has plans to bring back Megaupload, under a new banner simply titled: “Mega.” This will be more of an homage to the original service, providing a file locker that is designed to circumvent the legal issues of its predecessor. …

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Filesonic, Wupload disappear after fall from grace

File Lockers

Two websites that were once among the top file locker websites in the world, have disappeared offline, marking the end of a steep downwards decline in user numbers and market influence. Filesonic and Wupload, two sister sites were at the top of their game in the earliest days of 2012, seeing a …

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