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Mega.co.nz enters top 150 sites, bigger than DropBox, Rapidshare

Kim Dotcom's recently launched Mega file locker website has been climbing the ranks of the world's biggest sites very quickly indeed. Just yesterday it had become the biggest site in New Zealand and today it's managed to eclipse not only Rapidshare, but DropBox as well.

This was announced by Kim Dotcom on his regularly updated twitter account, with the simple message “141.” This is because while Mega.co.nz's three month ranking is still somewhere in the low thousands, in-fact the site's daily rank has show to 141, ranking it in the top 150 websites in the world. Considering it was only launched on Friday, that's a tremendous achievement.

However all is not 100 per cent well in the Mega camp. There's been rumours and some suggestions by hackers and learned security folk that the encryption used on Mega is far from satisfactory. It's a relatively complicated issue that I won't pretend to understand 100 per cent – here's a much more in-depth explanation – but it's to do with the use of javascript and poorly created random entropy for the encryption keys.

Addressing these claims, Dotcom has remained confident but not cocky, suggesting that prizes could soon be available for any white hats that point out holes in the system.

KitGuru Says: So how have you guys been finding Mega so far? Of the millions of new users, a fair few KG readers must be some of them.

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