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Dotcom’s Mega becomes biggest NZ site, hits Dropbox traffic

Kim Dotcom's Mega.co.nz, has in just a few short days, become the biggest website in all of New Zealand. If that's not enough however, it's also had a big impact on the visitor numbers for rival file locker website, Drop Box.

This was all posted on twitter by Kim Dotcom, who said: “After just 3 days, #Mega is now the biggest .co.nz site in the world. Viva New Zealand!” This was accompanied by a picture which showed Alexa stats that clearly displayed Mega's dominance over rival sites google.co.nz and trademe.co.nz.

That wasn't the only stat that Dotcom had up his sleeve however, as he also keen to point out that rival file locker website Drop Box took a significant hit to its traffic on Mega's launch day, suggesting that users had jumped ship, at least temporarily to try out the Megaupload successor.

Dotcom also took the opportunity to point out that while it was fun doing a big launch event, he wouldn't do it again: “We are working 24/7 and expect normal operations within 48 hours. Lesson learned… No fancy launch event for Megabox.”

KitGuru Says: Have any of you guys made use of Mega yet? There's apparently some 60 uploads completing every second at the moment – obviously the server glitches are on the mend.

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