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Megaupload to be reborn as Mega

Despite Kim Dotcom also pushing next-gen music service, Megabox, he also has plans to bring back Megaupload, under a new banner simply titled: “Mega.” This will be more of an homage to the original service, providing a file locker that is designed to circumvent the legal issues of its predecessor.

Currently Dotcom is still undergoing preliminary hearings for his extradition trial, set to take place in early 2013. Despite this however, he's becoming increasingly emboldened in recent months and is now speaking out about Mega, describing how it shouldn't have any of the problems of other file locker sites.

“If servers are lost, if the government comes into a data centre and rapes it, if someone hacks the server or steals it, it would give him nothing,” DotCom told Wired. “Whatever is uploaded to the site, it is going to be remain closed and private without the key.”

How Mega will it really be?

To make things more secure, every single user of Mega will be able to easily and simply encrypt their files, with only them given the key to decrypt them. That way, the only people able to view, access and therefore be responsible for the content uploaded, are the users themselves. This of course completely removes responsibility from Mega and by proxy Kim Dotcom and his associates.

To further protect Mega and its creators, there will also be a clause for companies that want to use the manual take down tool that allows for the removal of copyright protected content. Any studios that sign up for it, will have to agree not to sue the site as well.

The problem with all of this however, is that it protects Dotcom more than the users of the site. If a new way is found to size the servers again, it's not like users will have access to their files.

KitGuru Says: Perhaps with these safety measures, it'd be much harder to seize Mega and its data centres, but doesn't it seem like Kim is covering himself more than the users here?

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