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Reclaim Your Privacy From Your Smartphone: 3 Simple Tips

Your smartphone is a complex device capable of performing a multitude of functions previously limited to separate devices. It’s a phone, a camera, a computer, a GPS, a game console, a flashlight, a compass, and so much more. Along with the possibilities provided by smartphones come several serious privacy concerns. …

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Netflix HQ besieged by anti-VPN-blocking van advert

In an effort to hammer home to Netflix how much it dislikes geoblocking and the streaming service’s crackdown on people getting around it using virtual private networks (VPNs), pro-privacy campaigners at OpenMedia, have been driving a truck around Netflix’s headquarters, protesting the move. The van in question features a large …

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Faces in a crowd? Face recognition app can tell you who they are

Image analysis has come on a long way in recent years, offering us everything from interesting analytics reports to face swapping, but an amalgamation of those two developments has some privacy campaigners concerned. A new app becoming very popular in Russia, known as FindFace, can figure out who someone is …

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Courts order Mega to hand over U.S. user data

Kim Dotcom’s second file locker project (now disowned), Mega, has been hit with a court order in the U.S. demanding that the site hand over the user information for certain accounts. This comes after sensitive, foreign government documents were found on the site after a hack. This court action could be …

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Twitter blocks sale of mass user data to FBI, CIA

Most companies strictly control the data that they put out there into the world and that includes what goes to intelligence and law enforcement agencies, especially if they don’t have a warrant. Twitter has just entrenched that ideal, by blocking a loophole that the FBI and CIA had been using …

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