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iOS 13 gets off to a rocky start with keyboard bugs

iOS 13 and iPad OS 13 have been rolling out for almost a week now and bug reports are rolling in. Some issues have already been squashed by a swift 13.1 software update, but Apple still has a relatively big problem with third-party keyboards, which can be given ‘full access’ …

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Reclaim Your Privacy From Your Smartphone: 3 Simple Tips

Your smartphone is a complex device capable of performing a multitude of functions previously limited to separate devices. It’s a phone, a camera, a computer, a GPS, a game console, a flashlight, a compass, and so much more. Along with the possibilities provided by smartphones come several serious privacy concerns. …

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Netflix HQ besieged by anti-VPN-blocking van advert

In an effort to hammer home to Netflix how much it dislikes geoblocking and the streaming service’s crackdown on people getting around it using virtual private networks (VPNs), pro-privacy campaigners at OpenMedia, have been driving a truck around Netflix’s headquarters, protesting the move. The van in question features a large …

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