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Windows 10’s Fall update will increase privacy controls

Microsoft will be rolling out another major Windows update next month, so the company is starting to go over some of its upcoming changes. The Windows 10 privacy policy already went through some changes with the first Creators Update but it looks like further tweaks to privacy settings will be made with the autumn creators update.

Writing in the latest Windows blog post, Microsoft's Windows Privacy Officer, Marisa Rogers explained that with the next  update, Windows 10 users can expect better privacy controls. The main feature is app-by-app privacy controls beyond just granting location privileges.

“It’s important to us that you have transparency and control over which applications can access your information. Most users are accustomed to being prompted for permission to use location data when using a map or other location-aware application. Starting with the Fall Creators Update, we’re extending this experience to other device capabilities for apps you install through the Windows Store”.

“You will be prompted to provide permission before an app can access key device capabilities or information such as your camera, microphone, contacts, and calendar, among others. This way you can choose which apps can access information from specific features on your device.”

Aside from that, Enterprise customers will also get more control over data being shared. Those using Windows 10 Enterprise Edition will also be able to adjust diagnostic requirements to the minimum required for Windows Analytics.

All of these changes will be coming in the Fall Creators Update, which is due to begin rolling out in mid October.

KitGuru Says: Microsoft received a lot of criticism over privacy controls when Windows 10 first launched but it seems that with each update, the company is making improvements. 

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