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Vivendi raises stake in Ubisoft but takeover won’t happen for six months

Ubisoft has found itself in quite a predicament recently as a company known as Vivendi has been buying up shares in what could turn out to be a hostile takeover. However, while a takeover is still on the table, Vivendi’s CEO has proposed a “fruitful cooperation” between itself and Ubisoft,

As of last week, Vivendi now owns 20.1 percent of Ubisoft and once Vivendi hits the 30% mark, a public buyout offer would need to be made. However, Vivendi doesn’t intend to hit that point for at least six months, according to a statement, instead, it would first like to get a seat on the board of directors and then go from there.


As GamesIndustry.biz points out, this has all been part of Vivendi’s aggressive push for shares in Ubisoft. Ubisoft’s CEO, Yves Guillemot has previously expressed concern over a hostile takeover and branded Vivendi’s rapid share buying as “unsolicited and unwelcome”.

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KitGuru Says: At this point, Vivendi has bought itself quite a bit of leverage in Ubisoft but it doesn’t sound like things are over yet. If things keep going at this rate, then Ubisoft may have a new owner next year.

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