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A Battlefield 1 alpha test might be happening this week

If you have signed up to be part of any upcoming play tests for Battlefield 1, then you might want to keep an eye on your emails this week as apparently there may be a closed alpha happening at some point.

The closed alpha test was referenced in a (now removed) GameSpot E3 preview for Battlefield 1 (via: videogamer), during which a closed alpha is mentioned: “I've only spent an hour in the maps that will be available in the game’s closed alpha next week. So I can't say whether this unpredictability will become rote as I play more of the multiplayer shooter. But I can say that, from my brief time with the game, I came away excited for what feels like a return to form for the series.”


EA hasn't officially confirmed an alpha test for this week, or given any details on how people may get involved. However, there is a public beta sign up available, so perhaps EA will just send invites out to a limited number of those who have already signed up for beta access.

Battlefield 1 launches in October, so we can expect a couple of play tests to take place before then to ensure that the servers are ready for launch alongside identifying bugs and other issues.

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