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Can your PC handle Catzilla?

Forget 3Dmark, forget Unigine Heaven, forget any of the Crysis games, real men use Catzilla to benchmark their PC. Or at least they will do when the new benchmark from AllBenchmark is released in November. Still, we can have a bit of a look at what we’re talking about thanks …

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BBC to enter free music streaming market


The BBC is planning to enter the music streaming game, with a free to play service similar to iPlayer. Known as Playlister, the service won’t offer exactly the same thing as Spotify and its contemporaries, but will stream hundreds of thousands of BBC recordings from the network’s TV and radio …

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Valve is entering hardware market

Gabe Newell

While it’s been rumoured, hinted at and teased for a long time, we now have confirmation that Valve is set to enter the hardware market. Granted, it’s not from an official announcement, but a job posting on the Valve website looking for someone to develop hardware. The available position is …

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Google lets you Private Message in Hangouts now


Google is continuing to update its social network API, this time adding the ability to private message your pals when you’re in a Hangout. This brings the Hangout API to version 1.2, not only making it possible to communicate without others listening in, but also integrating new video and sound …

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New video codec HEVC could halve file sizes


A new codec from the Moving Picture Experts Group (Mpeg) known as High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) could allow for vastly reduced file sizes for movies and videos – by as much as 50 per cent if claims from the group are to be believed. The potential for something like …

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The next version of the internet, could be real-time


While many people are consistently impressed with contemporary web developments, one of the questions often asked is “what will the internet of the future be like?” One company believes it’ll be real-time and it’s not too far away either. Having renamed itself from the dull sounding Internet Business Technologies, into …

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Torrent trackers to come back online

Open Bit Torrent

Two of the world’s biggest torrent trackers, OpenBitTorrent (OBT) and Public BitTorrent (PBT), have announced their plans to return to operation, concluding the protest against uTorrent parent company BitTorrent Inc. A couple of weeks ago, we reported on how both trackers voluntarily ceased operation in an attempt to force the …

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Google helping create intelligent rooms

Google Room

Google has announced the release of a new bit of open source software designed to help develop interactive and intelligent rooms, that are able to tailor certain things to where a person is standing, what they’re looking at, as well as incorporating timed or triggered events. Wired had a couple …

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Rovio acquires Futuremark Games Studio

Following its first swallow-up in June of last year when it acquired Kombo Animation Studio, Angry Birds creator Rovio has just aimed its slingshot and hit dead on at an even bigger target – none other than Futuremark’s “Games Studio” division. A formal announcement has been given on Rovio’s website …

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Chrome 17 is out, adds Omnibox prerendering

Another day, another web browser version. Or so it seems between Firefox and Chrome lately. Today is Google’s turn with Chrome 17 being released in stable form after a month long beta phase. Build 17.0.963.46 brings with it another performance booster in the form of Omnibox Prerendering support that comes …

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Microsoft ‘Office 15’ reaches Technical Preview stage

Alongside Windows 8 development, the next version of Microsoft Office (codenamed Office 15) is also right on track with a Technical Preview having just been distributed to a select group of customers under non-disclosure agreements for testing. PJ Hough whom is CVP of Development for Microsoft’s Office Division said, “At …

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