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The next version of the internet, could be real-time

While many people are consistently impressed with contemporary web developments, one of the questions often asked is “what will the internet of the future be like?” One company believes it’ll be real-time and it’s not too far away either.

Having renamed itself from the dull sounding Internet Business Technologies, into the apt, Realtime, it believes that the internet should be a truly interactive platform and be “live.” The idea is to give consumers have a much faster updating service, since new content can appear as it’s created, as well as giving companies a much easier time tracking customer movements – no doubt this will cause the ear’s of privacy advocates to prick up – and it apparently lowers bandwidth too.

This isn’t a theoretical technology either. It’s already in operation in countries like Brasil and Portugal and features over 120 million users a day. Companies from these same countries are now pumping cash into Realtime, investing over £64 million to help tackle the US market – arguably the most influential in the Western, internet connected world.

What is the Realtime web? Glad you asked...

But how does it all work? Realtime’s new system is called Open Real-time Connectivity or ORC and uses “xRTML” to turn Javascript, ASP.net, Java, PHP, HTML and other languages into one that operates in real time. Websockets are then used to perform the communication between the website and servers.

Speaking boldly about the future of his company and the internet, chief executive at Realtime Andrew Parreira said (via Wired): “The internet used to be just like a walkie-talkie. But in the modern era everything will be live and directly connected to the source of information. Real-time will be the foundation of the next web, the modern era of the web, or, if you want, ‘web 3.0’, and I think it’s really going to impact a lot of businesses.”

KitGuru Says: This seems like a little too good to be true at the moment. What do you guys think? Is this the future of the internet, or simply some clever marketing?

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